Pause B4U Purchase

#PauseB4UPurchase has gotten some traction in the last two days. I’ve done several radio interviews.

… not sure the Government would agree. I think they want us all to spend more to stimulate the economy!

It’s natural human instinct to go on a shopping spree or spending splurge when we get a windfall (tax return or mortgage rate cut). But the novelty of new things soon wears off.

That’s why I do “Pause B4U Purchase”.

I wait before I purchase. I have a three-month waiting list. If I still want whatever it is that I think I want after waiting 90 days I’ll buy it. I’ll be honest with you, eight or nine times out of 10, I don’t!

#PauseB4UPurchase is about pausing or waiting before purchasing. Maybe 3 hours, 24 hours or 3 days. Whatever works for you.

It’s a easy to ‘Impulse Shop’ – I know, I used to do it. We pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime and head back to the office with a new dress or whatever it is that we love to buy.

– Would you, or could you, wait?

– Could you wait a couple hours and buy that dress on the way home from work instead of at lunchtime?

– Would you give it a go?

#underspent #impluseshopping #conciousconsumer