People say saving money is “dull, boring & stupid”… Until..

Why would you save money when you (and literally anyone) can get a $50,000 low-interest 6-year car loan and buy a new Audio or BMW?

Why would you save money when you can go to the bank, refinance your house or withdraw some of your Superannuation and then spend $40,000 on a brand new kitchen and bathroom?

Why would you save money when you can pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime, sign up to a new low-interest-‘no credit checks needed’-store card, go back to work with a new $1,500 designer dress and then pay off the debt over the next 12 weeks?

Why would you save money when you can get what you want, when you want it, whether you can afford it or not…?

People say that saving money is dull, boring and stupid. Most people say this until something happens.

Lynne in Brisbane loved new clothes, exotic holidays and fine dining.

  • Lynne thought saving money was dull, boring and stupid until her husband came home from work one night and asked for a divorce. They sold their large suburban family home, paid off their large mortgage and cleared their substantial debts. Lynne, who’s 48, was left with nothing. She now lives in a shared house with three complete strangers and she’s absolutely terrified about her future.

John in Sydney loved luxury cars, motorbikes, overseas holidays and skiing.

  • John thought saving money was dull, boring and stupid until his job was made redundant. “Everything was a nightmare. I can think of the biggest emotional shockwaves, the terror of knowing you’ve run out of money for everything, including food, the crushing assuredness that the only escape from your debt is death, the days when you steal food because you’re starving. I think the biggest challenge is you can’t look forward to anything. You can’t buy a Coke after a long day or have a cup of coffee on a cold morning or keep a piece of chocolate in the fridge because there’s just no money for it.”

Andrew in Perth loved the mining boom, his boat, weekends away and all the latest expensive gadgets.

  • Andrew thought saving money was dull, boring and stupid until, like John, his job was made redundant. “My whole life was turned upside down when I was made redundant. We had too much debt. My wife was worried sick and I sank into a deep dark depression. I’ve never ever felt so lost, confused and anxious. Probably the most important thing we did was confess to people how bad things were. Telling a relative we had no money for food and asking a friend to pay for medical bills was amazing. That gave us a chance to survive.”

I’m indebted to the men and women who were courageous enough to respond honestly in interview for my Underspent and Be Ready: The future is now books. Thank you for sharing your stories to help others.

What if saving money wasn’t dull, boring and stupid?
What if having cash in the bank was cool?
What if financial security was what folk strived for?
What if saving money meant you felt happier and more content?

I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved $52,580 (38% of my salary). I quit impulse shopping and saved my money. I changed my spending and transformed my savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed my life, so I kept on going.
I help men & women – people like you – break the habit of impulse shopping and save their money through my Underspent book, talks, workshops, online program’s and weekly blog+video.

For me the benefits and outcomes of being Underspent are:

  • Cash in the bank
  • Financial security
  • Money saved for emergencies/unexpected life changes
  • Being happier and more content

Here are 10 solutions so that you have money if something happens.

  1. Write down everything you spend for a week: everything from a $2 bottle of milk to $10 for fuel.
  2. Do an audit and review of all direct debits, standing orders and monthly charges
  3. Set up a budget, savings plan and spending plan
  4. Set up a number of bank accounts. When I was a child, my grandmother had three or four different jam jars where she kept cash for different household bills. Eleven accounts has allowed me to replicate the jam-jar system in the digital world.
  5. Save a % of everything you earn. For example 10% or 20%
  6. Put some of your pay into a long-term savings account on the day you get paid
  7. Move money to a savings account on the day you get paid.
  8. Lock away your credit card. Carry cash, not cards.
  9. Take out $5 less each time you withdraw cash from a bank or ATM
  10. Save all your coins and loose change. At the end of each month put the money in a savings account.

VIDEO BLOG – People say saving money is “dull, boring & stupid”… Until…

What next? How can I break the habit of impulse shopping and save my money? How can I get involved?

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