Rachel quit overspending. She didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved 38% of her take-home salary. She changed her spending and transformed her savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed her life, so she kept on going – ‘cos life is stress-free when you’re debt-free!

Rachel is the Author of Underspent.

She is the Founder of Underspent, Australia’s leading saving money program.

She created the Underspent 10-week online program which sees men, women and teenagers, around the world, change their spending, transform their savings and save money so that they CAN afford their big dreams.

81% of men and women don’t know how much money they spend. Only 19% of us know how much money we spent last month. Most people say they’re spending money they don’t have, on stuff they don’t want or need.

Rachel will help you change your spending, transform your savings and save money so that you can afford your big dreams.

She invites you to implement the 7 steps in her book Underspent by joining a 10 week Underspent online program.  Sign up below. The next program starts on Monday 19th June AUD $99.00 (fee includes a signed paperback copy of the Underspent book including P&P)


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She also invites you to future-proof yourself, family and friends by inviting you to:

  • Attend a talk about her book Ready for Redundancy
  • Attend a Be Ready talk. Our world is changing. Driverless vehicles are here, 49% of jobs are able to be being automated and technology is changing everything. Be ready by implementing the steps in the book Be Ready. The future is NOW!  14 steps to prepare yourself mentally, financially & professionally for our new world of technology and automation.

Email Rachel for more information    rachel (at) cyclingrachelsmith (dot) com


The next Underspent 10-week online program starts on Monday 19th June. AUD $99.00 per person (fee includes a signed paperback copy of the Underspent book including P&P)


Want to do work through the program privately with Rachel?  Yes, you can. Work one-to-one face-to-face (skype) with Rachel by booking here.

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