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Break the habit of impulse shopping and you’ll be debt-free and stress-free. Rachel will teach and guide you, share her knowledge and support you through the process. 

Monthly Challenges – FREE – Success ONLY happens when we have social support – large numbers of committed people with the same goal – and the focus is a limited period of time. That’s why Rachel runs an Underspent Challenge every month (12 a year). From ‘Borrow not Buy June’ to ‘Spend or Save October’ and everything in-between. Email Rachel to be involved.

30 days of Money Saving Top Tips – FREE – The 1st step to start saving money. 5-10 minutes a day. Email Rachel for next start date.

5 day Underspent Challenge program – AUD $5 – The perfect place to start your Underspent journey. Challenge yourself by understanding and tracking your spending & debts, identifying your dreams and creating a successful budget, a Spending & a Savings Plans. 15-30 minutes a day. Worksheets included. Use ‘Buy Now’ button below. Starts 1st Monday of every month.

Underspent Talk – In a 45 minutes Rachel will share everything about how she quit impulse shopping & saved $52,680 in 12 months including the 7 sticking points and 7 Underspent steps. Email to book.

Underspent Talk & Financial Wellbeing Workshop – from AUD $25 per person – After a talk Rachel will teach you how to implement the 7 steps in the Underspent book. Designed to educate you about your money and spending habits and give you proven strategies that you can use immediate to manage your everyday spending. 2 hours. Workbooks included. Email Rachel to book

Back to Basics ‘Learn how to’ Workshops – from AUD $25 per person – 5 different workshops: Learn how to: 1) Identify your passions and priorities. 2) Make a budget and sort your banking. 3) Get people in place to help & have fun. 4) Inspect, assess & organise your stuff. 5) Use everything you already have. Community centres, libraries, workplaces & schools love hosting these 2 hour workshops. Workbooks included. Phone or email Rachel to book.

Underspent Playbook DIY – AUD $149 – Break your habit of Impulse shopping with the Playbook. Implement the 7 Underspent steps. With exercises, tasks, prompts, templates, resources, questions to challenge your thinking  and 10 audio tutorials it’s everything you need to work at home at your own pace. Start Mon 6 Feb. Use ‘Buy Now’ button below.

Underspent Playbook 1 day Workshop – AUD $199 – Implement the Playbook with Rachel in an intensive 1 day workshop. Email Rachel for date and location of the next workshop.

Underspent Playbook with Rachel – AUD $1,499 – The best solution to break the habit of impulse shopping is to work with Rachel. Implement the Playbook with 12 hours of private personalised guidance and support from Rachel. Start Mon 6 Feb. Use ‘Buy Now’ button below. Hurry! *** ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT ***

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