10-week Underspent online program

Rachel quit overspending. She didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved 38% of her take-home salary. She changed her spending and transformed her savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed her life, so she kept on going – ‘cos life is stress-free when you’re debt-free!

Rachel is the Author of Underspent. She is the Founder of Underspent, Australia’s leading saving money program. She created the Underspent 10-week online program which sees men, women and teenagers, around the world, change their spending and  transform their savings so that they CAN afford their big dreams.

  1. EXPRESS 10-week online program $99 includes a daily email from Rachel. Next Express program starts 17th July. Sign up below using ‘Buy Now’ button and drop-down menu
  2. 10-week online program $999  This program includes daily emails and videos from Rachel, weekly webinars, 1 signed paperback copy of Underspent, 1 signed paperback copy of Be Ready, program workbook, checklists & templates, Q&A sessions and individualised/personal advice from Rachel and expert mentors. Next 10 week program starts 28th August. Sign up below using ‘Buy Now’ button and drop-down menu
  3. Work 1-to-1 with Rachel coaching you through the 10-week program $9,000   Rachel will phone/Skype/text you every day. Rachel will be your personal accountability buddy, mentor & private coach for 70 days.  Sign up below using ‘Buy Now’ button and drop-down menu

** TRY BEFORE YOU BUY  **  Participate in a 5 day Underspent Challenge for $5   Sign up below using ‘Buy Now’ button and drop-down menu

Underspent Programs

  • all prices in Asutralian Dollars

Here’s what other people say about the 10-week Underspent program:

“You are an inspiration Rachel’ (Kochie, live on Sunrise – David Koch, Channel 7 Sunrise TV breakfast show)

“Rachel this is bloody brilliant” Helen, UK

“Amazing. It’s not about the money it’s about other things like self-respect and relationships. Thanks you” Gina, Australia

“It’s not about the budget. Thank you for the journey. I have realised the things I value and want in my life are virtually free. I am NOW content. I have learnt its about breaking the commercial and stress cycle. Thanks heaps!” Jane, Australia

“Underspent is an awesome program Rachel. Amazing. Thank you” Troy, Australia

“I have learnt to reassess my values. Thank you Rachel” Anne, UK