Planning 4 Modern Lifestyles

I help Councils, Governments and Communities Plan for Modern Lifestyles.

Real issues face real people in real places – ‘Issues that matter’ household debt, financial stress, credit card dependency, consumerism, car dependency, traffic congestion, obesity, job insecurity, unaffordable housing, mental illness and loneliness to name a few.

Urban and transport planning NEEDS to and MUST reflect, support and respond to our modern lifestyles. 

I provide Mayors, Councillors, Councils, Governments, city leaders and community groups with the inspiration, information and implementation strategies they need to start conversations, plan for Modern Lifestyles and solve real problems.

My products and services include:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Talks, workshops and seminars
  • Research
  • Communications and implementation strategies
  • Training, mentoring and professional development
  • Practical solutions, tools and resources
  • Facilitating and evaluations temporary projects/experiments
  • Consulting

Inspired by Modern Lifestyles. Driven by necessity.