Rachel’s live tweets from AITPM 2012 in Sydney

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. 4 principles of a great bus and cycle street are: Operational efficiency, usability, understandable (legible) and quality

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. In the AECOM Exhibition Stand we are asking “Are you extracting maximum value from your assets?” Please come on over and see us for a chat!

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Environmental reasons and social interactions were reasons for people car pooling in Melbourne

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Barriers to car pooling – personal security, lack of flexibility, liability, lack of registered users, too much free car parking!

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Things that get people car pooling – champions at workplaces and emergency free taxi ride home #urbanmobility

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Cycling and walking network deficiency appraisals should focus on safety, connectivity and amenity

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Common global walkability themes: focus on existing desire lines, using walking to link public spaces and public transport and accessibility for everyone

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Safety, connectivity, amenity, intersections priority, city wide as well as specific initiatives, minimizing conflicts between pedestrians/cyclists and focusing on implementation are all essential to increase walkability in Australian cities

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Why don’t we trial the closure of some CBD streets for a couple of hours at lunchtimes to experiment with giving pedestrians priority and creating new economic opportunities?  Which Australian streets would you like to see closed for a couple of hours?

@AITPM 2012 in Sydney. We need a hierarchy of need and modal function for urban places, streets and roads

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Pedestrian  safety – The vulnerability challenge. Did you know globally 1.3 million people die each year on our roads? Apparently each year 130,000 children are killed each year under the wheels of a truck or car

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. Traffic injuries are on the three main reasons for death for people aged 5 – 44years and traffic crashes cost countries on average 1 – 3% of their total GDP

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. The global action plan to halt/reduce road traffic crashes are: road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer roads users and post crash response

@ AITPM 2012 in Sydney. NSW Stay Safe report. Key recommendations: evaluate the costs of alternatives including school zone flashing lights and creating school zones

** INSPIRATIONAL PARENT ** I’ve just met Ron Delezio, Australian Father of the Year (2006), founder of the Day of Difference Foundation and Dad of Sophie Deklezio. Ron is restoring hope to critically injured kids in hospital. Each year in Australia 9000 children are in hospital critically injured. The two most common causes of child deaths in Australia are traffic crashes and accidental drowning. Ron says we ALL need to be an advocate for change on our roads.

Ron left us with this quote “It’s not what we haven’t got, it’s what we have got”