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Being made redundant can be one of life’s most traumatic events. It leaves many people asking themselves, ‘Why me?’

I had 2 years’ worth of salary, as cash, sitting in the bank when I received a retrenchment advice letter in December 2015. I chose redundancy over relocation and redeployment because I’d spent over 2 years and more than $20,000 of my personal savings consciously and subconsciously getting ready. As a result of the 14 steps I was getting multiple job offers within hours of being offered a redundancy, was receiving endless contractor and freelance opportunities, got a fantastic new job, put all of my  redundancy money into my savings account and was feeling relaxed and stress-free. I share my story, research, interviews and the 14 steps in Ready for Redundancy. 14 steps to prepare yourself  mentally, financially  & professionally

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