Reality Bites. Time 4 Action. #1 Bicycle Harvesting

I’m pretty frustrated right now and to be totally honest so are quite a lot of other people. I guess you’d say I’m frustrated with the ‘lacking-ness’ and the ‘liking-on-Facebook-but-doing-nothing-ness’. I’ve heard a lot of negative talk about ‘talk shops’ and ‘gab fests’ and lots of whinging about duplication, disillusionment, diminished funding and our nations ‘doing next to nothing’ status. Sitting around whinging and whining doesn’t help anyone, let alone ourselves and so perhaps now is the time to take some chances and seize new opportunities?

That’s why I am launching Reality Bites: Time 4 Action because as my pal Paul says “Sometimes you have to grab the bull by the horns while someone else kicks him up the butt because that’s the only way to move forward”.

So, first up I am Bicycle Harvesting.

Bicycle Harvesting is a brand new phrase invented by me – and instigated by my yoga buddy Julie an early year’s teacher on a mission to get multiple resources in one central place – on the Sandgate bike path last Sunday afternoon.

It strikes me that there are heaps of people out there doing incredibly awe-inspiring advocacy and community work that no one really knows or ever hears about and conversely lots of energetic individuals, unemployed graduates (in Australia & Overseas) and underemployed professionals wanting to get involved in cycling and community projects but not knowing where to go or where to look for such opportunities.

So Action #1 is

  • Collecting information on all the different bicycle advocacy and community cycling groups
  • Sharing the information widely
  • Storing the information in one place
  • Connecting the people who can help (for example the people who are currently underemployed) with the people who need help (people like my mate Mike who has a million ideas and a 10 kilometre long ‘to do’ list)

What’s in it for me?

Absolutely nothing!

I’m just fed up with feeling frustrated. I want to forget all the reasons why this won’t work. I want to believe the one reason that it will and if nothing really happens then at least I will have tried and failed, which is better than not bothering at all!

If you have any kind of bicycle advocacy group or cycling community groups please email me rachel(at)cyclingrachelsmith(dot)com or rachel(dot)smith(at)aecom(dot)com the following information

I’ll be uploaded all your information, as I receive it, onto the Bicycle Harvest page on this website.


“Knowledge, unlike other resources, is not reduced or depleted by sharing! ” 

                                                                                                              Says Mitch Bright, Brisbane Airport Bicycle User Group