Reality Bites. Time 4 Action. #2 Wishing on a Wish List

Way back in 2004, when I  lived in England and Brisbane was just a place far away with a beach on its river, Campbell Newman was devising his TransApex plan of five tunnels to be constructed in two stages. Love him or hate him (btw I can’t vote) Campbell had a wish list and he made it happen.

The last few months have been hard. We’ve been battered and bashed environmentally, socially and economically; heatwaves, floods, cyclones, tornadoes and bush fires, the calling of a federal election, falling house prices, cost of lifestyle anxiety and declining coal prices. There’s a temptation to sit around focussing on the ‘here and now’, but if we do, there’s a very real chance that we’ll miss opportunities. That’s why Karyn Brinkley, Brisbane Institute’s CEO, started 2013 by challenging Brisbanites to see past current distractions and to start imagining, creating and taking action for the future.

For Reality Bites Time 4 Action #2 I’m inviting people to make a ‘wish List’

It’s important, really important. We need to be ready, and on the ‘front foot’, not procrastinating when opportunities; funding, project partners and willing volunteers arise.

We need to be ready to respond.

When I worked in Road Safety and Safer Routes to School at a Council in the UK I always had a ‘shopping list’ of projects I wanted cash and collaborators for. People would pass by my desk and leave bequeathing budget underspends or providing people. I wasn’t someone special. You don’t have to be anything special to achieve something amazing. You’ve just need to have a wish list and be ready to make it happen.

Now is the time to celebrate our successes as we plan for the future. That’s why I’m inviting everyone to celebrate and share their cycling successes as well as their big and small wishes.

Here are mine.

Two recent cycling successes

  1. More than 75 people on bicycles at a recent Lazy Sunday Cycle
  2. MX newspaper writing an article on my idea for a ‘Cycling Hero’

Two small cycling wishes

  1. The overgrown vegetation along the South East Freeway bikeway being cut
  2. Regular suburban ‘Style Over Speed’ bicycle rides

 Three big cycling wishes

  1. North Brisbane Cycleway
  2. Bulimba to Teneriffe Green Bridge
  3. West End to UQ Green Bridge

What have you achieved?

What are your wishes?

Why are your wishes great ideas?

What are the challenges with your wishes?

What would the first steps to make these wishes happen be?

How many people would need to be involved?

What are the questions which would need to be asked?

 … We all can’t wait to hear from you