Seeking Expressions of Interest for The Decongestion Project

The problem is there are too many cars on our roads, and that creates traffic congestion.

The solution is ‘The Decongestion Project’ my 12 week traffic transformation program that helps Council Mayors cut traffic congestion without spending money on new roads or annoying people.

The benefit for ordinary Council Mayors is that they become exceptional City Leaders; the people who people will always remember, because they solved a major problem.

… whilst less traffic congestion and saving public money benefits everyone, all of us.

I’m Rachel Smith, I’m decongesting cities one by one and right now I’m asking for towns and cities to Expressions their Interest in being part of the BETA program.

Please contact me NOW!   Rachel(at)cyclingrachelsmith(dot)com or via my Social Media channels.

Closing date for entries 31st October 2014.


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