Shake your hips to pollinate your strips! G’day Hollywood

Brisbane, where I live, is full of ‘strips’. We’ve got nature strips, environmental strips and grass strips. In a nutshell they’re the strips of grass along the side of a footpath. Some people plant native species, others grow what my friend Ross calls ‘posh’ grass but most people are content mowing and maintaining the council provided grass!

Today world-renowned technologist and ‘environmental doctor’ Natalie Jeremijenko helped us to experiment with making native species pollinating devices using plastic hula-hoops. Just last week my friend Heather posted on facebook that we should all dance and skip more often… I’ll be challenging Heather to dance, skip and plant her Bulimba garden with me when I get back to Brisbane!

It’s Day 6 at the Lab (Friday 22 June) and we’re focussing on the politics of making. We’re asking what the global implications of do-it-yourself solutions are. Artists and designer Ernesto Oroza is sharing his research on technological disobedience in his talk ‘Architecture of Necessity and Disobedience’

The sun is out and so we are roasting coffee beans with our ‘Lab made’ solar powered coffee roasters!

We’re also saying  “G’day Hollywood” as Alterazioni Movies are spending the day in the Lab. We’ve already done a crowd-sourced casting call and now we’re watched intently as a ‘spoof’ movie of the Lab and ‘city life’ is made before our eyes. It’s a little surreal but they’ll be back for a movie premiere soon!

And when the Lab closes at 10pm we’ll be watching Euro 2012 Germany vs. Greece out on the local street. A local bar has transformed car parking spaces into a Football Stadium.

It’s all happening here in Berlin!