Rachel is an enthusiastic, engaging, energising, entertaining and experienced international Keynote Speaker.

Rachel lights up the stage and leaves her audience informed, motivated and thoroughly entertained. Rachel’s audience vary from corporate conferences to community centres and from London’s House of Lords to primary school halls. Rachel is confident speaking to a room of 2 people to a stadium filled with 2,000 people.

Book her for your next event. Phone T: 045 1 0 8 o 345, email Rachel(at) cyclingrachelsmith (dot)com or complete the form below.

Here are some ideas to inspire you or Rachel can create new content specific to your needs.

P is for Passion – A story about Passions and Priorities – How Rachel saved $52,680 in 12 months without dramatically changing her life. Learn what happens when you do things differently and how to identify your passions and priorities at work, in business and in life.

Earn, Learn, Yearn and Return – How Rachel paid off my 1st mortgage in 7 years not 25 years. A story of determination, diving close to death, makeovers, motivation, resourcefulness and entrepreneurship.

Rock Stars in the Gig Economy – From running a tourist café at age 13, a summer ‘on the turps’ in a chipboard factory, cold calling, typing 300 words a minute in London’s square mile and doing a business course without having a business Rachel has done it all. She’s lived hard to mouth and job to job. She knows what resilience, problem solving and determination is and means. Learn from Rachel how to harness your skills, strengths and thrive mentally, financially and professionally.

Change. It’s a Sticky Subject – The 7 ‘Sticking Points’ that prevent change. The problem is we all fear failure and love a bit of naval gazing before counting down the hours til bedtime….  There are seven stickies to consider before we start creating change. Discover how to get it right, what to do and how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Cod and Karaoke create change – Change is the only constant. What can and should we learn from a fish & chip shop owner who sent his staff on holiday and an bicycle riding Irish man in Berlin…? Learn how to create change and a new normal. Rachel shares how to be positive, create an appetite for change, overcome people’s anxiety, build new habits and when to give things a slight push.

Change starts with beliefs and values – Change starts with listening and understanding other people’s beliefs and values. Whether it’s congestion, cycling, recycling or consuming less, change starts with our beliefs and our values. What do people in our cities believe? What do they value? Getting answers to these questions are critical in order to build products and services that people want to use.

Decongestion. Leadership, building a lasting legacy and personal success – How igniting the fuse for change, communicating with positive messaging, experimenting with temporary urbanism, discovering what’s on our own doorstep, connecting to enable sharing, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and creating an infrastructure revolution creates a lasting legacy and success.


P+P=FS. Passions + Priorities = Financial Success. Our attitudes to shopping, spending and saving money are formed when we are 6 years old. Rachel saved 38% of her salary in 2014 without dramatically changing her life but by identifying her passions and her priorities. This is a talk about money, motivation, mindset, self-worth, comparisons, not needing to seek validation and doing things a little bit differently at school, at home and in life.

Ready Steady Road Safety – An interactive quiz show for primary schools based on the TV show ‘Ready Steady Cook’. Perfect for schools who want to reduce school gate congestion, improve road safety and encourage travel behaviour change.

Finding Nemo Outside School – Based on the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’. An school assembly for primary aged children that explores dangers on the way to school and at the school gate. Perfect for schools who want to reduce school gate car parking and encourage more parents and children to take safer routes to school.

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