Rachel is an inspirational, thought-provoking, informative and entertaining speaker.

Rachel is available to speak at your conference, event, community group, workplace or school.

Rachel speaks on a number of topics including:

  • How she broke her shopping addiction and buying habit
  • How she saved 38% of her take-home salary without dramatically changing her life
  • The 7 sticking points that prevent change
  • How to create change and a new ‘normal’
  • How to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads and annoyed residents
  • How to communicate with positive messaging
  • How to get ready for the future.
  • How to future-proof yourself, family and friends
  • How to be Ready for Redundancy
  • How to Be Ready. Our world is changing. Driverless vehicles are here, 49% of jobs are able to be being automated and technology is changing everything. Rachel will explain how to be ready by implementing the steps in the book Be Ready. The future is NOW!  14 steps to prepare yourself mentally, financially & professionally for our new world of technology and automation.

Please email or phone Rachel for an informal discussion about your specific needs.