“Rachel this is bloody brilliant” Helen, UK

“Amazing. It’s not about the money it’s about other things like self-respect and relationships. Thanks you” Gina, Australia

“It’s not about the budget. Thank you for the journey. I have realised the things I value and want in my life are virtually free. I am NOW content. I have learnt its about breaking the commercial and stress cycle. Thanks heaps!” Jane, Australia

“Underspent is an awesome program Rachel. Amazing. Thank you” Troy, Australia

“I have learnt to reassess my values. Thank you Rachel” Anne, UK

I like that it was practical & I loved the daily emails

I liked the positive, communal & practical nature of the materials. The FB page was great as well. All the content was fantastic. The budget template you emailed out was great – thank you for that one Rachel

Hi Rachel. The audio interviews and clips were definitely my favourite thing on the program. I also liked the introduction to minimalism and will be slowly implementing this through my life. Thanks

I really liked breaking down the bills and looking at where savings could be made

I loved your enthusiasm Rachel. And the values-base that came through your decision-making. Thank you

I loved the daily content, top tips, meeting like-minded people who do not place value on goods. Thank you

I think its a really great program and Rachel has put in a lot of effort to help others

The things that I really enjoyed were basing life on values and experience not things. Decluttering and seeing how well a simpler life works

I really liked the common sense things to do, the fun engagement and I loved Rachels energy and enthusiasm

The 10 week program was informative and practical

I liked everything but most of all the momentum with the daily emails and all of the personal templates

Thanks Rachel. Really enjoy your posts and 30 days tips.
I love the one about ‘just say no’. How many times have we been at the make up counter and have been sold a cosmetic we didn’t need cos of a free hand massage or nice words? Or buying expensive shampoo at hairdresser because we are told we need it and we feel the guilts after they have pampered us? I have had to underspend this year as my income has dropped. I used to easily spend $600 in a weekend on clothes save beauty treatments just because I was bored.
Love the tip about meal planning so we don’t overbuy at supermarket . Probably save me $30 a week which is a weekend away at a hotel. I suppose on a nutshell that it’s being very aware of your spend because little bits just add up. Love it – will keep watching. Keep up the good work and thanks for doing this for free
Thanks M

You have changed my life Rachel. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much. I have paid off my debts. I’m so happy. Lou.

Rachel, your 30 days of free videos are amazing, love your work and how you are really giving great content to your audience. If you are available I would love you to speak at one of events. Keep doing great things. Anita

HI Rachel, I’ve been watching all you’re doing and I think it is amazing! I really love the 30 days of Tips and the daily video tutorials are brilliant. I really love everything that you do. You are inspiring me and my daughter. Thanks. Christina

Your Top Tips are amazing Rachel. My husband and I have just started reading Underspent and we love it. Thanks. Gail

I love your daily tips and the information you share Rachel. Thank you very much. Meg.

Thank you for sharing your tips Rachel, it has been a great learning experience. Sarah

Thanks for your wisdom these past 30 days, Rachel! Your little seeds are slowly growing, I promise you! thanks. Paula

Thanks Rachel – really enjoyed the program!!! Thanks for being so generous with your time and experience. Maria

Wow the 30 days went quick! Great tips Rachel now I just need to put them all into practice. Thanks. Den.

Well done Rachel! So many great tips that can help people save loads! Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂 Thanks. Mic

Rachel Smith YOU ARE A SHINING STAR, well done and thanks so much for all your amazingness!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your insight, positivity and of course education because it SO MAKES CENTS!!!!!! Ha ha excuse the pun xxxx 😉 🙂 thanks. Debbie

Thanks Rachel, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all your wisdom and sharing. Thank you. Nadia

You have done a brilliant job Rachel providing very practical tips. Even using one of them will be a positive step in the right direction. Thank you, Georgina.

Rachel your underspent system and wise words are very supportive and pretty easy and straight forward, all people need to do is DO IT. It works! Thanks Deborah