The 7 steps that worked for me.

Saving money, financial freedom and working less IS really easy IF you break the habit of Impulse Shopping and “Buying just for sake of buying”.

There’s a little bit of Impulse Shopper in ALL of us. It’s easy to ‘buy just for the sake of buying’. I know. I used to do it… Popping out for a sandwich at lunchtime and heading back to the office with new clothes. Or, online shopping before bed after an exhausting day at work. Clothes, books and cushions were my weaknesses!.

You can read every finance, money and mindset book on the planet but I know it’s the Impulse Shopping and ‘buying just for the sake of buying’ that’s the killer. It’s the reason why most people are struggling and don’t have financial freedom.

I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 – the culmination of a spontaneous New Years Resolution and a lifestyle experiment – and saved 38% of my salary. In 2014 I broke my habit of impulse shopping and ‘buying just for the sake of buying’ – I changed my spending and transformed my savings. It changed my life. I’m happier and more content. It also meant I had financial security when my role was made redundant in December 2015.