The future is new. We’ve made ‘wild speculations’ about future cities!

Yesterday afternoon we split into workshop groups in the Lab, facilitated by Raumtaktik (spatial tactics); Matthias Böttger, architect and artistic director of Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (DAZ), and Ludwig Engel, to wildly speculate about the future – and to draw what cities of 2050 might look like!

We were given a number of questions including:

  • In 2050 how will income be distributed?
  • In 2050 how stable will the economy be?
  • How and where will we work in 2050?
  • What will public space look like in 2050 and how or when will we use it?
  • Who will own what and how much in 2050?
  • Will access to water be guaranteed in 2050?
  • How mobile will we need to be in 2050?

What were the ‘wild speculations’?

Interestingly all 4 groups had very similar conclusions. Interestingly for me – and my Lab programs – the two most popular ‘speculations’ were:

  1. More cycling and new infrastructure in the form of Bicycle Bahn’s or Cycling Super Highways
  2. Shareable cities – lives that are based on more ‘access to’ than ‘ownership of’ the things we need

Interestingly, from my observations, everyone felt far more comfortable identifying what could be improved in our existing cities in the future as oppose to creating a frivolous utopia.