The New PPP for Transport: Priorities, Purpose & Pleasure

In the 2011 Brisbane floods, my friends Sarah and Tim lost almost everything: photos, documents, certificates and family treasures. Their friends, trying to be helpful, were too interested in saving the $100 IKEA sofa and random charity shop furniture rather than what was really important.

The same happens in transport. People are so busy trying to finish their tasks and make a profit to understand the problem they’re trying to solve in the first place. Or, they’re too eager to see their plan published on the net to listen to what the community really wants or needs. Or, they’re so eager to move onto a ‘bigger and shinier’ project that they don’t actually take the time to figure out transport priorities.

Last month, while recovering from a hospital operation, I started reading Paul Dolan’s book Happiness by Design – Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life. I’d seen Dolan interviewed as part of the Sydney Writers Festival and I liked what he had to say. He says we need to…  Continue reading at