The Underspent Book Club Guide (download)

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The Underspent Book Club Guide

1. How did you define being Underspent before reading Underspent?

2. Rachel interviewed men and women about their shopping habits and discovered that they loved about shopping. What do you love most about going to the shopping?

3. Rachel’s ‘journey’ began in December 2012 on her way to India. She read an article about a family who had only bought from second-hand stores. What would have been your reaction to that, or a similar article?

4. In 2014 Rachel discovered her ‘pain’ points, the reasons why she went shopping. What are your reasons for shopping?

5. Rachel asked people what they thought would be the biggest challenges or personal battles they would face if they had to quit shopping for 3 months. What would you say?

6. In Step 1—Rachel identified her passions and priorities. What’s on your Passion List?

7. Is presence the new present? Do you compare your Christmas with that of others? What could you do for family and friends instead of buying gifts?

8. Do you think that karaoke – and other fun and free community activities – have the potential to transform our spending habits?

9. Why do 400 people with 400 lawns, all in the same town or suburb, each own a lawnmower?

10. Rachel wants people to have better conversations and public discussions about shopping, spending and saving money. How would you like to keep the conversation going?