There’s a little bit of hoarder in all of us. Here’s what you can do right NOW!

Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses, who works with extreme hoarders, says there’s a little bit of hoarder in all of us.

I used to travel a lot, but even I questioned my sanity when I counted eighty four bars of hotel soap in my bathroom cupboard. I used to use the soap during my hotel stay and then wrap it up and bring it home, because I knew the hotel cleaners would throw it away—and that’s a complete waste. So I used them up, rather than buying shower gel. I also discovered twenty 5g tubes of premium brand toothpaste, from Qantas flights, lurking in the back of the cupboard!

Compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by two factors:

  1. Excessive buying or acquisition
  2. Inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects/possessions

Hoarding can be related to:

  • Compulsive buying (such as never passing up a bargain, a special offer or a discount)
  • Compulsive acquisition of free items (such as things others are giving away)
  • Compulsive search for perfect or unique items (the perfect black dress).

Men and women who impulse buy and compulsively shop typically consume excessively, not out of necessity, but to achieve the sense of “high” that comes with purchasing a product, item or service. Impulse and compulsive shoppers are addicted more to the act of buying/shopping rather than the need for the item itself. And so typically, they don’t use everything they buy. Most of their products and purchases end up in a cupboard, drawer or in the garage and go unused. That why we all have wardrobes, cupboards and drawers full of clothes, shoes, home goods, and more, many that go unused as we – all of us – continue on the cycle of buying and purchasing more and more.

We are all impulse shoppers. And, there’s a little bit of hoarder in all of us

So, what’s the answer?

What are the solutions?

How do we break the cycle?

I didn’t buy anything new or second-hand in 2014 and saved $52,680 in 12 months. It started as a lifestyle experiment but it changed my life so I kept on going. I now help professional men and women – people like you – and entire communities quit impulse shopping and live a happy, cash rich and financially secure life through my Underspent book, programs, weekly blog (Tuesdays) and weekly Facebook Live videos (Tuesday nights).

Here are 3 simple solutions that worked for me.

  1. I got people in place to help

I met my accountability group once a fortnight.

I met up with people doing similar projects

I shared my progress every month

2.  I inspected, assessed and organised my stuff

I created a system

I inspected every single room in my house

I assessed every single item

I inspected my wardrobe with a fine tooth comb

I got organised

3. I got into swapping, sharing and selling

I swapped the clothes I didn’t like and didn’t wear

I shared the books I’d already read

I sold some things I didn’t like and didn’t use

9 Minute VIDEO – There’s a little bit of hoarder in all of us. Here’s what you can do right NOW!


What to do next?

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