TOP TIPS – POWER BILLS ARE RISING 20% or $600 a year.

TOP TIPS – POWER BILLS ARE RISING 20% or $600 a year.
I’ve been on the Radio in Canberra and Perth this morning talking top tips to save $ because Electricity and Gas are rising between 10% and 20% across Australia. Here are a few tips
– Understanding your power costs
– Set a budget for bills
– Set up a “Bills” bank account
– Set aside money for bills every time you get paid
– Pay bills on time, every time
Did you know? Most fridges are too big. Most fridges are only half to 2/3rds full of food, so we are paying money and electricity for something we are not even using. Most TV’s have 5-6 other ‘gadgets’ plugged into it… again drawing on heaps of power. We use 29% of our power consumption on recreational and leisure activities, 27% on cleaning and maintaining the house (laundry, mowing etc) 26% in the kitchen and 18% on lights.
What would granny have done to save money on power? Used candles, worn an extra jumper, put an extra blanket on the bed and eaten lots of hearty stews!