Top Tips to save money when energy prices rise

Top Tips to save money when energy prices rise next month by 20% or $600 a year

Energy prices in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT are set to jump by up to $600 a year from next month. Under AGL’s new price regime, the ACT will be the hardest hit with electricity tariffs up 19 per cent and gas 17 per cent.The total average annual increase in electricity and gas costs in the ACT will be $579, $488 in South Australia, $379 in NSW and $192 in Queensland.
The best solution, according to Rachel Smith, Author of Underspent is to have a ‘Utilities’ bank account and to put a set amount of money into that account every month so that you have the money set aside for the price rises.
Rachel also says to pay your utility bills on time. Paying every bill late may only be a few dollars here and then but that mounts up to hundreds of dollars over a year. Rachel also advocates for wearing an extra jumper, putting an extra blanket on the bed and eating lots of hearty soups to stay warm and cosy.

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