Transport & Cycling

Transport Industry Expert & Gov’t Advisor. Freelance Transport Planning & Business Cases, Accredit Project Reviewer. Columnist, Author: Decongestion & Underspent. Behaviour Change advice – Congestion, Cycling & Consumerism

Rachel has 20 years of transport planning and advisory experience and expertise. She’s the Owner Director of Rachel Smith Pty Ltd, an independent consultancy. She predominately works as a consultant/contractor to/with Governments and Tier 1 consultancies. 

Rachel’s passions are:

  • Strategic transport planning and advisory
  • Business Case planning and development
  • Writing Business Case ‘Compelling Stories’
  • Project/Gateway reviews
  • Travel Demand Management
  • Behaviour Change 
  • Active Transport research & planning
  • Walking, cycling, bus & access strategies

“Rachel is one of Australia’s brightest thinkers on the perpetual challenge of urban planning” News Limited

“I have had the honour of working with Rachel on a number of transport/congestion projects over the years. She possesses unbounded talent and enthusiasm for all thing’s congestion. She always manages to inspire and empower those around her, and she refuses to accept that the “impossible” cannot be achieved. Rachel’s work is at the leading edge of transport planning reform, as evidenced by the frequency of her publications and speaking engagements around the world. She is a thinker, a listener, a mentor, and (I am proud to say) a friend” Richard Senescall, Director Deloitte Australia

“An emerging International Talent” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York

“Rachel’s dedication to the environment is inspiring and her passion for cycling is unmatched” TED, New York

Rachel’s extraordinary experiences include:

  • Speaking in London’s House of Lords
  • Two TEDx talks 
  • Part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab
  • Writing 2 best-selling books
  • TV and radio’s technical expert advisor 
  • Speaking at more than 400 conferences 
  • Developed world 1st crowd-solve bike map
  • Winner AITPM scholarship
  • Creating 7m wide Cycling Super Highways
  • Winning international road safety awards 
  • Teaching adult literacy 
  • Lead diver on scuba diving expeditions
  • Scuba diving master instructor & trainer

Why Cycling Rachel Smith?

  1. Cycling Super Highways – My first dream is to build Cycling Super Highways. My vision is that anyone will be able to safely ride a bicycle regardless of their age, gender, physical abilities, cycling skills and road safety awareness. When the Los Angeles Department of Transport said “for the bike to catch on we need a revolution in our bicycle infrastructure” they were right. If we really want riding a bicycle to be a central part of our lifestyle, our transport system and our cities we need an ‘infrastructure revolution’. That’s why I created Cycling Super Highways, 7 metre wide bicycle ways with six lanes for slow, medium and fast bicyCl e riders, completely separated from all parked and moving cars.
  2. Floating Bikeways made out of waste plastic – My second dream is a floating bikeway on the Sydney Harbour or on the Thames in London, constructed out of recycled waste plastic and used aluminium drink cans. Let’s use our waste. David de Rothchild built his Plastiki boat using used plastic drinks bottles, Vertec build road bridges with waste plastic and in Kuranda, Australia benches in public places are made from old plastic milk bottles. I’d like us to innovate and build floating bicycle paths from waste plastic. Imagine it. Watch my TEDxQUT talk “Who says building the impossible is impossible?”
  3. Lazy Sunday Cycle – I was the co-founder of Lazy Sunday Cycle. LSC was all about normal people, in normal clothes on normal bikes. It’s not about no special clothes or specialized and technical equipment. We encouraged and enabled anyone and everyone who wanted to ride a bicycle for fun; people who were ‘interested but a little bit concerned’ about cycling, people who just wanted to get out there and have a go at cycling, enthusiastic bicycle riders and people who wanted to cycle with other people so that they can chat. It was aimed at young people, old people, families with children, children with stabilizers, people with fancy bikes and people with cargo bikes and people with bikes with baskets!