Underspent 2018. Thank YOU & YOUR successes.

Thank you for your support during 2018. 

2017 was about online programs. 2018 has been the ‘Year of Blogs’. 

Writing a blog every Monday, and incorporating the Monthly Challenges, has created many incredible impacts. For example, Michelle earned $8,000 in just a couple of days selling things her family no longer used or wanted. 

Thank you for reading the blog, sharing, liking, writing comments, discussing, debating,   sharing ideas and telling others. 

Thank you to Louise, Caroline and Thea for openly and honestly sharing their “How we Shop, Spend and Save” stories. More of these next year. Kim’s in January. Let me know if you’d like to share your story. 

Most importantly 2018 has been about the changes YOU have made. 

– This week I went to a seminar and one of you whispered in my ear “We’ve cut our spending and paid off all of our credit card debts”. 

– Lots of you have saved 20-40% of your income.

– Many of you have created $5,000 ‘emergency funds’

– Lots of you have earned hundreds, or thousands,selling unwanted belongings.

– Several of you will be mortgage-free in less than 5 years. 

A truly incredible year. 

Thank you if you bought the Underspent book or you bought it to gift to someone else. 

I’m on a mission in 2019 to help you and others to be Underspent (not overspent), debt-free, stress-free, happier, more content and (a little bit closer to being) mortgage-free. 

Thank you – I don’t know who you two are – to the two people who nominated me for the 2019 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award. Thank you. 

The Monday blog will continue as usual over the Christmas/New Year period. 

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas and my very best wishes for a very Happy New Year.