Rachel quit overspending. She didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved 38% of her take-home salary. She changed her spending and transformed her savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed her life, so she kept on going – ‘cos life is stress-free when you’re debt-free!

Rachel is the Author of Underspent.  ‘Underspent – how I broke my shopping addiction & buying habit without dramatically changing my life’

She is the Founder of Underspent, Australia’s #1 financial behaviour change and money saving program. Rachel created the Underspent 10-week online programs which see men and women around the world, change their spending and  transform their savings. The outcomes and the ultimate results for these men and women is that they have financial security, are ready for the future and they CAN afford their big dreams.

“You are an inspiration Rachel’ (Kochie, live on Sunrise – David Koch, Channel 7 Sunrise TV breakfast show)

Underspent benefits of being Underspent  Underspent I quit overspending (3)

UNDERSPENT BOOKFor most of us, our shopping and buying are triggered by boredom, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, insecurity, peer pressure, past poverty and passive aggression. Rachel Smith didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand during 2014 and saved 38% of her take-home salary. She changed her spending and transformed her savings without dramatically changing her life. In this ground breaking, and entertaining book, Rachel explains the seven-step process that worked for her. The Underspent book explains in detail the things we love about buying and shopping, why we shop and buy so much, the sticking points and challenges and the seven steps Rachel took to break her impulse shopping addiction and habit of buying ‘stuff’

  • Step 1: I identified my passions and priorities
  • Step 2: I made a budget and sorted out my banking
  • Step 3: I got people in place to help
  • Step 4: I inspected, assessed and organised my stuff
  • Step 5: I got into swapping, sharing and selling
  • Step 6: I used everything that I already had
  • Step 7: I got out and had fun

Packed with information, practical exercises and stories Rachel shows you how to apply the 7 steps. This is a book that you can use, not just read and agree with. The ultimate result of implementing the 7 steps are: You’ll be underspent not overspent, you’ll have quit shopping, buying and spending, you will have cash in the bank and you’ll be happier and more content, because life is stress-free when you’re debt-free.