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You CAN break the habit of impulse shopping.

You CAN change your spending & transform your savings. Rachel did. Rachel will share her knowledge, experience and support you through the 7 step process. 

Weekly Blog – FREE – Get solutions and tips every Monday by reading Rachel’s weekly blog, available on website and social media.

Monthly Challenges – FREE – Success happens when there’s support and the focus is a short period of time. Have a go every month.

Underspent book – e-book from $2.99 and paperbacks $12.99 – The 1st place to start your Underspent journey. Rachel intentionally made the book affordable. Available in all book shops, online book stores and from Rachel.

5 day Underspent Challenge – $55 –  Ignite your fuse for change with the 5 day Underspent Challenge program.

  • Day 1 – Reality Check and Impulse Shopping
  • Day 2 – Status Shopping and Happiness & Expectations
  • Day 3 – Awareness and Debt Shopping
  • Day 4 – Knowledge and What Shopping
  • Day 5 – Action and Wants/Needs Shopping

By the end of the 5 days you’ll have done a Spending Review and Debt Review, completed the Happiness Equation, kept a Spending and Money Diary and established your 30 day Waiting List. 5 emails and 5 workbooks. Start TODAY! Use the ‘Buy Now’ below.

Underspent course – Special offer $179 (normally $899) Implement the Underspent 7 steps as a structured course. The course follows the principles of Behaviour Change:

  1. Launchpad
  2. Your Vision, Awareness and Acknowledgement
  3. Identification and Emotions
  4. Your Desires, Targets and Commitment
  5. Strategy, Knowledge and Ability
  6. Action – Implement Underspent Step 1
  7. Action – Implement Underspent Step 2
  8. Action – Implement Underspent Step 3
  9. Action – Implement Underspent Step 4
  10. Action – Implement Underspent Step 5
  11. Action – Implement Underspent Step 6
  12. Action – Implement Underspent Step 7
  13. Monitor and Evaluation
  14. Reinforcement

Rachel has designed the course especially for people who’ve read the Underspent book and would like some extra practical guidance to implement the 7 steps. Start TODAY! Use the ‘Buy Now’ below.

Implement the 7 steps with Rachel – Work privately 1-to-1 with Rachel in person, via Skype or over the phone to implement all 7 steps at a pace that best suits you. Prices from $150 an hour. Phone or email Rachel today T: 0 45 1 o8o 345 or rachel(at) cyclingrachelsmith (dot) com. Use the ‘Buy Now’ below to book your 1st hour with Rachel.