Was cycling the winner? London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Travel Behaviour Change during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – was cycling the winner? 

Here’s my take on Rose McArthur’s (SKM Technical Director) absolutely brilliant 60-minute presentation in 42 tweets


Rose McArthur (SKM) led travel demand for ‪#London Olympics. Aim for bike quickest way to get to the games – getting grumpy Londoners on bikes

Rose: Swamped London with humor. Posters everywhere telling people to use non-car modes. ‪#goldcoast Comm Games needs the same marketing

Rose: Olympic family treated in a very different & specific way. Need to get all the info to businesses in advance so change travel modes

Rose: Paralympian participants have 4 times more much luggage as a Olympic participants. Lots of things to consider for ‪#goldcoast CommGames

Rose: 32 competition venues & 3.3 million extra trips on busiest day. No parking at any venue! Never any parking.

Rose: 6.5 billion pounds on transport upgrades. 20 million extra trips during the games. Demand would exceed capacity so made demand hotspots

Rose: London 100% public transport Olympic Games. Do we need same for ‪#goldcoast Comm Games?

Rose: Had 4 strategies for 2 audiences: background demand & audience. Should have have included freight at start. 97% of freight on road

Are ‪#goldcoast Comm Games already thinking about ‪#freight demand and movement during Comm Games? Need to reduce, retime, reroute & remove

Rose: London Olympics needed 35% of London people to work at home. Same for ‪#goldcoast for Comm Games?

Rose: Re-time is essential. Get your toilet rolls delivered to ‪#goldcoast before the Comms Games. Need to reduce your freight significantly

Rose: ‪#goldcoast Change work day for Comm Games. Come in early and leave late or come in early, leave early and go to the pub!

Rose; London Olympics risk register. No. 1 risk = transport. Higher than security. Tracked changes to find peoples intentions. ‪#Brisbane

Rose says scare the living daylights out of people! What about people on ‪#goldcoast without tickets? 3 years before no one gave a shit!

Rose; In Atlanta it took 9 hours for people to get out of the stadium and onto public transport!

Rose: Told businesses to tell people to stay at home… otherwise they’d want to party and so productivity goes down = behaviour change tool

Rose: London Bridge station visualisation. Businesses saw that train stations jammed. Had to change road network. Ban left turns on roads

Rose: Automated traffic signals. held traffic on red lights. Increased congestion means lots of red lights. Will need same for ‪#goldcoast

Rose: Did visualisations for 87 London stations to forecast all movements but also made it accessible for everyone including businesses

Rose worked with all businesses to create an action plan to change their travel behaviour e.g. cafes had to get waiting staff cycling to work

Rose: 275,000 businesses. Lots of London employees didn’t have a bike – Had 2 years to get people bikes, train them, make bike maps etc etc

Rose: 1 person (Rose) got to 204,000 businesses using networks e.g. chamber of trade. Success = talking, networks, contacts and social media

Rose: 18,000 new ‪#cycle parking facilities for ‪#London olympics + new cycle infrastructure. Need same for ‪#goldcoast comm games?

Rose: Non-intutive transport information important. Gave out 4 million “Why not walk from Waterloo’ maps – 5, 10, 15 minute walk maps

Rose: 62 million journeys made on tube over Olympics. Up 35%. 1 million cycle hires July 2012. Busiest day on tube more than 4.5 million ppl

Rose: One third of Londoners changed their travel behaviour for 6 weeks. Traffic down 15%. Large scale campaigns work. Same for ‪#goldcoast?

Rose: 1 company in ‪#London before Olympics 8 people cycled, during olympics 40 people cycled, after down to 25 people. Normalised cycling!

Rose: London Olympics made people realise that they could walk to their office or it was just a 20 minute cycle ride from home to office!

Rose: One third of people in ‪#London didn’t ‪#travel at all. Will it be the same for ‪#goldcoast Comm Games? ‪#qld ‪#brisbane

Rose: Olympics increased ‪#cycling. Businesses got bike racks. Cafes put in temporary bike parking. Will be the same on ‪#goldcoast?

Rose: ‪#cycling the Olympic legacy. 73% jump in sales of bikes to women. Cycle tourism = winner. Same for ‪#goldcoast?

Rose: London ‪#cycle commuting figures stable at 10%. Next step ‪@MayorofLondon wants to de lycrafy cycling. You can do in ‪#brisbane too!

Rose: London Olympic conclusions for ‪#goldcoast Comm Games. Influence the influencer and target the barriers to ‪#cycling participation

Rose: Dear ‪#goldcoast Never talk about travel planning talk about resilience & continuity e.g. how to get staff to work

Rose: Dear ‪#goldcoast ‪#qld Peak spreading & retiming for Comm Games essential. Not about building new infrastructure. Need marketing!

Rose: ‪#goldcoast ‪#brisbane ‪#qld look at legacy of London Olympics. Look at how to get more people ‪#cycling. Get data. All about momentum

Rose: Real-time travel information systems for ‪#goldcoast comm games essential. All about people acting & using twitter not infrastructure

Rose: Real-time information is critical for trust. Complicated to set-up but it worked. People joined up and used it. Same for ‪#goldcoast?

Rose: Need a scary blonde woman telling people what to do, posters, marketing and real-time information. TDM: Posters about how fast bus is!

Rose: Don’t need to build new infrastructure. Look where there is space and move people there. It’s not difficult just need TDM campaign

Rose: London Olympics. No financial stimulus, Didn’t change transport fares. Spectators got free travel with their entry ticket.

Simon Jones SKM thanks Rose McArthur. Rightly so. She’s awesome. Lots of questions for ‪#goldcoast ‪#qld ‪#brisbane to consider for Comm Games


Photo is my own