What Britain bought in 2018

Mary Portas – Mary, Queen of Shops – was back with her annual survey of our spending habits. Here’s a summary of consumer passions, fashions, fads and faux pas during 2018:

  • Vegan food and cafes 
  • 75 inch TV’s 
  • Brand Ambassadors 
  • Instagram selling 
  • Waistcoats 
  • Fashion & Reality TV show sales partnerships 
  • Bankruptcy’s & shop closures 
  • Travel cups/Keep cups 
  • Less plastic 
  • Buying clothes, wearing them once just for an Instagram post and then returning them to store! 
  • Digital stores: order online, pick-up at a ‘collection store’ 
  • Cash was out of fashion
  • Fewer new car sales 
  • In-store experiences 
  • The average Brit spent £1,000 (AUD$1,800) on home delivery takeaway food.
  • John Lewis is buying back worn and unwanted clothing from its customers in a UK industry first that aims to reduce the 300,000 tonnes of fashion waste going into landfill each year.
  • Fashion retail giant H&M revealed that 35% of materials used were recycled or sustainably-sourced. 


What’s in store (pardon the pun!) for 2019:

  • Repairing clothes 
  • Recycling 
  • Less plastic