Why I’ve got the best job in the world!

In 2009 Brit Ben Southall won Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign and became Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The world watched in envy as Ben lived, worked and blogged from Hamilton Island, one of my all time favourite places in Australia. But you don’t have to live in paradise to have the best job in the world.

Back in March I was the special guest on the ABC National Radio’s Sunday Spin. When Phil Smith asked me what I did at AECOM I said, without a second of hesitation, “I’ve got the best job in the world”. It wasn’t a PR stunt or a pre-prepared marketing response; it was the honest truth, besides there was no time for telling ‘porky pies’ – live radio is far more dangerous than bungee jumping!

I absolutely love what I do… and I get paid for doing what I absolutely love! I’ve spent the last two and half years at AECOM. Every day brings another new and exciting opportunity and I get to work with some really amazing people. I’ve helped plan and design cycle infrastructure for most major infrastructure projects in South East Queensland, I’ve been involved in developing and shaping sustainable transport policies across Australia and I’ve been given the creative freedom to generate and implement some legacy transport initiatives. Little wonder I practically skip up the street to get to work!

I am genuinely passionate about transport and mobility and that’s why my eight days of public programs at the BMW Guggenheim Lab and my ‘Out in the City’ project have a strong focus on cycling, sustainable travel, freight, e-mobility and future of car parking.

I am really excited that some of my AECOM colleagues have agreed to get involved in my free public programs at the Lab. Mike Harris and I – and as many Berliners as we can muster! – will be creating a ‘No Excuse Zone’ map for Berlin, Jonathan James and I will be hosting a “The future of shopping and freight in our cities” street bump workshop and Mark Gander will a panellist in a discussion entitled ‘Parking 2.0’.

Only 4 sleeps until the BMW Guggenheim Lab opens in Berlin.

Stay tuned! I’ll be blogging and live tweeting every day

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THEN: ‘Fab in the Lab’ – The most fabulous person in the Lab each day. I can’t take the credit it for this. It was my sisters idea. Thank you Louise.