You’ve only been taught how to spend money. Of course you’re in debt.

You’ve never been taught how to not spend money.

You’ve been taught how to spend money, not how to save money.

Everything you’ve been taught is about spending not saving. So of course, you’re going to make mistakes!

Here are the 7 most common blunders men and women make impulse shopping, buying stuff, spending money and overspending. How many of these are true for you?

  1. You’re not satisfied with what you already have and own. You said that never being satisfied is the biggest mistake you make. You’re never content and happy with what you already have. You can’t make do with what you already have and own. You feel deprived. So you go and buy more. You are constantly buying more but you’re never satisfied.
  2. You’re bored and lonely. Shopping and buying is your hobby and leisure activity. Shopping is your short term cure for boredom, loneliness, frustration and the lack of excitement in your life. You say that you feel happy when you are shopping and spending money.
  3. You feel unprepared. Like most people you feel unprepared – unprepared if things break or need replacing. You don’t know how to fix, repair, repurpose or swap things. You don’t have the time, or the skills to find or make an alternative way to meet your needs, so you go and buy something new.
  4. You have no willpower. You, like most people, have no will power. You’re obsessing constantly about buying new things, going to the shops and having new things. You don’t have the willpower to resist temptation. You, like most men and women, don’t have the willpower to break the habit of just buying something when you want it.
  5. You love buying gifts. You love buying new things, gifts and presents for your children, families and friends. Social and peer pressures has made it ‘normal’ for you to give and receive lavish and expensive gifts and presents. Do you feel expected or obligated to buy people gifts?
  6. You have Fear of Missing Out. Is FOMO or Fear of missing out a big issue for you? Like most people you’re probably not prepared to miss out on a brand-new product, a reduced price on an item or a bargain. Is this true for you?
  7. You fear you’ll fail to meet your children’s needs. Your fear is that you’ll fail to meet your children’s needs. You impulse shop and overspend because you want your children to have new things and to have everything they want and need.

What’s the solution?

I’m Rachel Smith and I am Underspent. I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved $52,580 (38% of my salary). I quit impulse shopping and saved my money. I changed my spending and transformed my savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed my life, so I kept on going.

The Underspent 7 step process will help you break the habit of impulse shopping and save your money. You’ll turn your life around – from struggling and surviving to absolutely thriving. You can be debt-free, stress-free and mortgage-free!

Step 1. You’ll identify your passions and priorities. The first step is to identify your passions and priorities. The focus is on you, not on what you own or want to own.

Step 2. You’ll make a budget and sorted out your banking. Everyone’s circumstances and financial obligations are different but the focus is on creating a budget, savings plan, spending plan, clearing your debts and getting your banking in order.

Step 3. You’ll get people in place to help. Academic research shows that people who are surrounded by people who inspire them achieve and exceed their goals. The focus is on getting people in place to help you.

Step 4. You’ll inspect, assess and organise your stuff. Do you give yourself a really hard time about your out-of-control debts, the money you’ve wasted and the money you’ve spent on things that clutter your garage? The focus isn’t on feeling guilty, it’s on how to inspect, assess and organise everything you own.

Step 5. You’ll get into swapping, sharing and selling. Now it’s time to swap, share and sell. You’ll realise that you have lots of things in your home that you don’t like and don’t use, and that you are happy to swap, share and sell.

Step 6. You’ll use everything that you already have. By this stage you’ll probably have realised that you don’t actually need to keep shopping and buying. You just need to use everything that you already have and own! How much money will you and could you save?

Step 7. You’ll go out and have fun. When you’re feeling bored, lonely, depressed or stressed, you’re tempted to go shopping. You’ll find that getting out and having more fun solves the problem. You’ll be able to pursue and enjoy the things that are really important to you, because you aren’t bogged down with shopping, buying and repaying your credit card.


What next? How can you break the habit of impulse shopping and save your money? How can you get involved?

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