Decongestion Book

Decongestion is for Mayors and city leaders with traffic and transport problems. It’s for Councils, Governments and transport agencies who need to address budgetary pressures, make better use of their existing assets and save money through efficiencies. Decongestion examines in detail:
  • The problems caused by too many cars (we're all doing the same things, at the same time, by car).
  • Our personal fears that drive us to our cars.
  • Opinions from Mayors, industry leaders, academics, urban planners, traffic engineers and residents.
  • Common mistakes and challenges when trying to cut traffic congestion and change behaviours.
  • The seven ‘sticking points’ when creating change. The first is the fear of failure.
  • How to change behaviours; being positive, creating an appetite for change, overcoming people's anxiety, loss aversion (we avoid loss over seeking gain) and helping people to build new habits.
Decongestion starts with political bravery, a clear vision and forming a delivery taskforce. The book explains the 'why to' and the 'how to' to:
  • Release Trojan Mice and communicate with people
  • Experiment with temporary infrastructure and tactical urbanism
  • Close streets and implement temporary bikeways and pedestrian priority projects
  • Deliver school, suburb, workplace and tourism behaviourchange projects and programs
  • Develop school and business travel plans
  • Start a walking to school bus -Create Car Free Days Out, bicycle tourism and ‘tourism without traffic’ business opportunities
  • Roll-out car-pooling, lift sharing, car sharing, bike sharing and car park sharing
  • Develop and deliver education, training and awareness campaigns and programs
  • Collect data, audit, monitor and evaluate participation, change and success
The Australian TV, radio and print media have said that Decongestion should be compulsory reading for every, and any would be, local, state or federal politician. Buy Decongestion in paperback, e-Book or Kindle formats from all good online and High Street bookshops Rachel Smith is a transport planning, demand management and behaviour change expert. She'sdelivered more than 300 behaviour change projects, increased walking to school from 38% to 92% of all trips and typically removes around 200 private cars from every location she works with.