I didn't buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014. I changed my (unnecessary)spending and transformed my savings. I saved 38% of my salary and I'm happier and more content.

“You’re an inspiration Rachel”  Kochie, Channel 7 Sunrise TV host

These are the 7 steps, in the Underspent book, that worked for me:

  • Step 1. I identified my passions and priorities
  • Step 2. I made a budget and sorted out my banking
  • Step 3. I got people in place to help
  • Step 4. I inspected, assessed and organised my stuff
  • Step 5. I got into swapping, sharing and selling
  • Step 6. I used everything that I already had
  • Step 7. I got out and had fun

Now I'm a Conscious Consumer. I Pause before Purchasing. I call this #PauseB4UPurchase.

You can borrow the Underspent book from your local Library or buy the book in paperback, e-book or kindle format from $2.99 at https://www.booktopia.com.au/underspent-rachel-smith/book/9780994563538.html OR  https://www.amazon.com/Underspent-Broke-Shopping-Addiction-Buying-ebook/dp/B00WUQNPCW or any other bookshop.